What to do if your CPAP Machine stops working

Question: If my CPAP machine quits in the middle of the night what can I do?

Answer: There are a few things you can do;

First, look at the LED window and see if there is some type of code appearing. It can be an IN code or an ER code or it may be a word or a phrase. Write down what ever is appearing in the LED window.

The next step would be to unplug the machine and let it set for a couple of minutes then plug it back in, press the IN button as hope it starts working properly.

Most CPAP machines have a small computer inside the machine. Occasionally that computer needs to be re-booted. The unplugging and plugging back in will reboot the computer. The machine will experience something that will cause it to shut down. That can be any number of things of which you will not be aware because it happened while you were asleep. Your mask can develop a leak sufficient to triggers the response. On some machines a momentary power outage can cause it. In those situations you can unplug your machine, wait a couple of minutes then plug it back in and press the ON button.

If unplugging and plugging it back in doesn’t work, you probably have other problems. Most other problems require the machine to go back to the manufacture for repair. You will need the serial number and the code that appeared in the LED window in order to get an RA (Return Authorization) or an RMA (Return Materials Authorization). All repairs to CPAP machines are done by the manufacture at their designated repair station. Only the provider can get an RA/RMA to return the machine to the manufacturers designated repair station.

If the machine is under warrantee, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. As the owner you will be required to pay the shipping costs to and from the repair station. The manufacture will repair the machine to the current level of sophistication for that particular model of machine. Turn around time is usually about 30 days. If it is to be replaced, the manufacture will ship The CPAP Store a new machine. We will set the machine up according to the prescription on file and send the machine on to you.

If the machine was not sold to you by The CPAP Store, Division of Medical Direct LLC, there may be a service fee for the time and expense involved in the repair or replacement cycle.

If the machine is not under warrantee, an RA/RMA is still needed to return it to the manufacture and can only be acquired by the provider. The manufacture will require a narrative of what happened and if anyone was injured or harmed by the malfunction.

Once the manufacture receives the machine and the machine is out of warrantee, a repair estimate will be generated and sent to the provider. The provider will call you and explain the estimate and the cost. At that point you can make the decision to repair or replace the unit. Turn around time is usually about 30 days.

Most manufacturers will warrantee their repairs for 90 days or one year. Each manufacture is a little different in repair warrantee periods.

Many of the older CPAP and bi-level machines have been discontinued along with service by the manufacture. In some cases, such as the Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420G, S and E Series machines, they have been discontinued and are no longer available. Any GoodKnight 420G, S or E, and the Sandman Series, will not be repaired or services in any way. There are some GoodKnight 425S and S/T bi-levels still under warrantee. Those units are considered on a case by case basis.

The Puritan Bennett Sandman series of machines has been discontinued. The machines that are under warrantee will be taken care of by Puritan Bennett. If they are out of warrantee they will not be repaired or replaced. They will be replaced if they are still within the two year warrantee period.

Go to website: www.cpapman.com 




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